Beyond the Bare Essentials

When making decisions about your small business, most people only think about the business’s immediate needs If you run a bakery, you think about milk, flour, eggs. If you run a coffee shop, you think about coffee beans, danishes, mugs vs. paper cups. If you run a network building company, you think about servers, computers, and computer code. All three of these business are just like some of the businesses where you live or businesses that you may own. You want to help your local economy, but are sure how to help.  Most of the time, small businesses are more concerned with the immediate needs rather than thinking about the larger picture.

Imagine that both the coffee shop and the bakery decided to install high speed internet in the businesses so that they could create a WiFi Hotspot  at both locations. Now, both businesses need the services of the network building company. When the two small businesses began thinking beyond their immediate needs, they helped their local economy and ultimately their businesses by thinking beyond their immediate business needs.

Now, let’s think about the good things that could happen after both businesses set up awesome computer networking systems. First, they are both attracting more customers because people can find the business websites and connect to the internet in their stores. But even better than that, these two businesses can find each other. When the coffee contracts the bakery for pastries, both small businesses profit. Both businesses are supporting the local economy and getting new customers.  This is the way to make business decisions. All because both businesses saw the importance of establishing a solid computer networking system.