The Workplace of the Future

Imagine a world where everyone worked wherever they wanted whenever they wanted between deadlines their organization requests from them. This could be the future for a majority of workers, particularly those who have the flexibility to telecommute. As technology advances, so does the opportunity to work from anytime and anywhere in the world. This is an exciting aspect for those who are wanting more work-life-balance and freedom in what they do occupationally. Many employees are actually undertaking this new work model with ease. In fact, many Wi-Fi hotspots are benefiting from telecommuters who can work anywhere they want. There are numerous advantages to telecommuting and there are also the disadvantages.

As stated before, workers have the ability to work when they want, where they want. They have a larger responsibility due to the independent scope of their work. This is a great way to spend more time at home with the family and with kids. Work becomes more project oriented and more employees are paying customers based on production and output, rather than hourly. This can be advantageous for the overall business model in itself.

Working from home may have some clear advantages, however the disadvantages are also prominent. It takes self-discipline and a lot of focus to work under variable conditions. Sine the employee is solely responsible for getting work done, it may be difficult to remain on task. Those who have procrastination issues must get over their problems in order to generate consistent income. Also, if the employee has a family and works from home, this may be a difficult aspect to endeavor. Home offers distractions and the family must respect the parent’s work hours, otherwise it will be difficult for the telecommuter to work. These disadvantages can certainly be overcome with the right planning. Also, the telecommuter must take his or her work seriously.