Wifi Will Make Education Fun, Interesting And Less Stressful

As WiFi hot spots become more common and prevalent, people expect social networking
websites to enjoy even more popularity. People will be updating their status by accessing the internet using various devices like their cell phones and laptops no matter where they are. As on date, accessing the internet is an expensive proposition.

As the number of service providers increase and as accessibility improves, it can only be expected that the cost of surfing the web will come down. In such a scenario, education is one sector that is going to have a huge impact. Why should students congregate in a single place for studies? For a very long time, people believe that they had to travel to office and work only in offices.

However, organizations are realizing that communication and connectivity is sufficient to enable people to work from home as well. In the same way, school need not be a daily affair any longer. Students are free to study from wherever they want. There are many persons who feel uncomfortable with the idea of studying in front of a few dozen other individuals.

Such persons can study in the privacy of their home or even in the hustle and bustle of a café or restaurant. At the end of the day, a student who learns the concept and understands what he or she needs to understand is a good student. Increase in number of WiFi spots is not sufficient.

The speed of internet should also improve. If you can download videos and watch animations over the web without any difficulty, you can attend classes no matter where you are. This is not to say that schools will be shut down. However, the prospect of learning will no longer be restricted to education institutions alone. Learning will become a full time affair and the kid can use the web to understand various concepts irrespective of whether school hours are on or not.