Impact Of Tech On Mankind at Sky Is The Limit

Technology has improved at a frighteningly fast rate in the past a few years. When the new millennium started, people were scared that the millennium bug will render all technological innovations made till date completely useless. However, not only was the Y2K bug overcome, people have made huge progress in the past decade.

It would not be incorrect to say that technology has reached the grassroots levels more in the past 10 years than ever since the internet was first invented. As technology improves, one can only expect it to become more affordable.

As on date, each and every individual on the planet is a potential surfer of the internet and a potential customer for those companies offering such services. Not all may afford an eye pad or a smart phone. However, they certainly would be looking forward to affordable versions of cell phones that help them surf the internet.

As wifi internet becomes more popular and common, devices that may be strapped onto the individual may help people stay online at all times. Further, data may be downloaded as per one’s preferences and the same may be stored for reviewing at ones convenience. Improvement in technology is also going to simplify health care.

When people can consult with doctors with the help of videoconferencing, why should hospitals spend millions of dollars setting up complicated infrastructure for the outpatient department?

When the vital stats can be monitored using miniature devices and the data can be transmitted to the medical institutions using wireless internet, why should patients be hospitalized just for observation? Each and every innovation in technology is being used for making life more comfortable and luxurious. It is just a matter of time before the improvements in technology are used for social benefit and welfare of masses as a whole.