How networking has formed a net-work around our lives

The technology has imbibed into our lives in such a manner that it has actually formed a web surrounding our lives. We all have become so used to the comfort provided by the technological advancements that now living without them seems quite an impossible task. In the world of computers the internet has made us addicted to it and we do often feel paralyzed without the online world. The internet has made it very easy for the world to be in our hands. The technology is ever changing and advancing. There was one time when internet was a matter of luxury now every household owns it. In fact it has actually become a necessity for us. The advancements of technology and internet communications have helped the business houses a lot. With the pace the internet technology is advancing there is no limit of what one can actually expect from the networking technology in the coming years. The advancement of the technology is in such a rapid pace that what next would be a very ambiguous question. The internet technology has advanced form immobile computers to laptops to internet on phones. First it started with mails more like letters which are delivered instantly, then advanced to IM and live chats, then to voice calls through internet and now video chats through internet. It’s almost like sitting in front of the person you are chatting to and capturing each emotion and expression which was missing in the IM chats or voice calls. The internet has changed the way we contact people or keep in touch with them. The Wi-Fi has done away with the hassles of the cables which limited mobility. The Wi-Fi can be used anywhere and now to keep up with the growing trends and be in the race the coffee shops and restaurants have started offering Wi-Fi to the people understanding how important part internet has become of common man’s life.